Through years of experience in the Broadcast and Telecommunications Industry, HEAT has accumulated a wealth of technical know-how. HEAT today is a modern company with highly developed technology in continuous expansion with innovative approaches. Utilizing its own assets and expertise it can guarantee the most advanced technical solutions both to the large Public Corporations as well as Private Organizations.

With its proven excellent technological, engineering and design skills, HEAT confirms its position as the ideal partner for companies that are looking for integrated turnkey solutions in Broadcast and Telecommunications. Working with the majority of Broadcasters and Service Providers, HEAT has become a leading actor in the development of technology within these industries in Jordan.

HEAT is a business partner with a wide base of international manufacturers and suppliers. In its endeavor to develop its expertise in such a dynamic field, HEAT keeps momentum with the latest technologies and concepts in both Telecommunications and Broadcast, aiming at continuously update customers and provide them with tailored technical advice.

HEAT team of engineers is always ready to provide the optimal and accurate technical back up, and is fully equipped to supply all the technical services such as system design, installation and testing, in addition to precise information on the Jordanian market.


HEAT Broadcast Systems Integration team services encompass design and installation of powerful, turnkey video and audio communication solutions to cater for all broadcast needs, from small post-production and production studios to large multi-channel broadcasting corporations.

HEAT has designed, tested and installed TV and Radio Production Studios, video & Audio editing suites, OB Vans, complete FM radio stations, video editing and distribution systems, and satellite uplinks and downlinks for corporate, entertainment and news applications. Based our clients demands and requirement , we will design and deliver a user-friendly broadcast facility that allows for ease of operation and delivers a high quality, state of the art product.

Our services range from providing a simple design to complete system design, system integration and engineering complete broadcast facilities.  Clients are furnished with a cost-effective solution that meets their specific requirements and business goals today and gives them a solid base for future expansion.

HEAT has integrated broadcast systems for corporations such as JRTV, Higher Council for Media (JMI), Hayat FM, AMEN FM, SAWT Al MADINA, Al-WASEELA Productions, ZAD Group/ Saudi Arabia, Zayed FM radio-Fujairah/UAE to name a few.


HEAT’s specialization in telecommunications stems from the profound experience of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Team. This division offers services in the field of telecommunications with expertise in specific areas such as radio communications, telemetry, video communications, satellite earth-stations and setting- up of fiber-optic and microwave link, broad-band and wireless local loop access systems etc. Test and measurement solutions are offered to customers in fields as diverse as process control, electronics, defense, automation and environmental testing. Major projects have been undertaken for customers such as Jordan Telecom, Fastlink, Mobilecom, Xpress, Umniah, and the Royal Jordanian Air Force.